Year 3 - Autumn Term 1 2017

 In year 3 we will start the Autumn term looking at the picture book ‘Ssh! We have a plan’ by Chris Haughton. We will look at the characters, plot and making predictions as well as planning and writing our own stories. The children will be taking part in drama activities as well as art linked with the story. 

 In our curriculum work we will look at different periods in history through the topic ‘Tribal Tales’, creating timelines and finding out more about the Stone age, Bronze Age and Iron Age and how people lived and survived. The second book we will look at in English will link with this as we move onto the humorous story of ‘Ug Boy Genius of the Stone Age’ by Raymond. Ug is very inquisitive with many ideas ahead of his time. There will be opportunities for art, DT and geography as we move through this topic too.

 In science we will be learning about ‘Forces and Magnets’. This will involve some investigations and recording of data as well as asking and answering questions about what they have found.

 In maths we will be consolidating number facts such as times tables, number bonds and place value. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division will be looked at as well as shape and time.

 Our first PSHE unit is ‘Being Me in My World’, this will help the children to build confidence in their new class as well as celebrating each other. It will also help the children to create the feeling of being a team and how we all bring something important to that team.


Year 3 - Summer Term 2

In year 3 we will start the second half of the summer term by looking at the story La Mariposa, by Francisco Jimenez. This is a story following the son of a migrant worker who starts a new school in California, unable to speak English and knowing no one. The story uses a butterfly as a metaphor for the changes the little boy goes through. The story will lead to discussions about culture, difference and empathy.

In our curriculum work we will look at ‘Urban Pioneers’, which will have an art focus. Over the half term we will find out about towns and cities, creating advertising and tourist information for their places of interest. We will go onto explore contemporary ‘urban’ art.
In science we will be learning about ‘Light and Shadow’. The children have enjoyed setting up their own investigations so far so we will again be developing these skills, ensuring that they create a ‘fair test’.

In maths we will consolidate the use of the column method for addition and the grid method for multiplication. We will be continuing to build mental maths skills too. We are particularly working on timetables so they have quick recall of multiplication and division facts for 2, 5, 10, 3, 4 and 8 times tables. We will also be looking again at measuring (including telling the time to five minute intervals and digital) and problem solving.

Year 3 Information