Year 3 - Summer Term 1

To start the summer term we will share the story of ‘The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane’ by Kate DiCamillo. This is an adventure story set in North America that will encourage the children to develop their descriptive writing of settings and then planning their own story. In the story Edward, a china rabbit, experiences wildly different settings, identities and owners, thereby gradually learning the value of love and friendship. Edward’s often harrowing experiences help shape him from a vain, pompous creature into a thoughtful, considerate friend.

This book will fit well with the Jigsaw theme for the half term which is ‘Relationships’ and the learning behaviour focus which is ‘Motivation’.

Through our topic of ‘Hero and Villians’ we will look a variety of characters from books and film, using music as a stimulus discussing how it can be used to portray different characters or feelings. Through history we will be developing the children’s understanding of historical figure’s achievements and actions thinking about the impact they had on history. This will all lead to some interesting art and design technology projects too.

Across the curriculum we will be providing the children with opportunities for sharing stories and extended writing.

In maths we will continue to work on the four operations (addition, subtraction, division and multiplication), moving onto mental methods. We will also look at data handling and solving problems.

Year 3 Spring Term

In year 3 we will start the spring term by looking at the story based on an African folk tale ‘Fly, Eagle, Fly!’ by Christopher Gregorowski. We will be working on telling stories, thinking about characters and settings but also about ourselves. The story is linked to self-belief and reaching for the sky so we will be encouraging the children to rise to the challenge and believe in themselves!

In our curriculum work we will look at different periods in history through the topic ‘Tribal Tales’, creating timelines and finding out more about the Stone age, Bronze Age and Iron Age and how people lived and survived. The second book we will look at in English will link with this as we move onto the humorous story of ‘Ug Boy Genius of the Stone Age’ by Raymond. Ug is very inquisitive with many ideas ahead of his time.
This topic links in well with the ‘Tremors’ topic we did in the Autumn term looking at rocks and how they are formed over time. There will be other opportunities for art, DT and geography as we move through this topic too.

In science we will be learning about ‘What Plants Need’. This will involve some investigations and recording of data as well as asking and answering questions about what they have found.

In maths we will continue to work on place value, mental strategies for calculation, 2D shapes, fractions and start to look at measuring angles using degrees.

Year 3 Information