Year 4 Spring Term 1

Throughout the first half of the spring term we will be focusing on a Roman unit in English, which links to our curriculum topic. This will involve identifying features of non-chronological reports and producing our own, as well as exploring and writing biographies. We will then discover the world of ‘Leon and the Place Between’, an exciting story revolving around magic. During this exploration, we will experiment with writing and designing pages in the style of the author and creating persuasive posters.

During Maths lessons, we will continue to revisit place value knowledge and applying this to written subtraction methods, division and mental multiplication. Once again, we will develop the understanding of fractions, including finding fractions of amounts, equivalent fractions and understanding how to simplify them. Shape is also another area of Maths that we will explore, focussing on angles, perpendicular and parallel lines, symmetry and identifying properties of 2D shapes.

‘Human Nutrition’ is our new Science topic. This will develop the understanding of personal health and how this is related to human nutrition and digestion. We will explore the human digestive system and focus on being able to name different types of human teeth as well as some from other animals.

‘I am Warrior!’ is our Spring curriculum topic, which will include a Roman Day, providing first-hand experience of what this period was like, looking at their clothing and weapons as well as games they used to play! We will be carrying out lots of further research to find out about the Roman times, which will involve creating our own artefacts.

Computing this half term is called ‘We are Musicians’ which provides the opportunity to be creative and develop pieces of music using a variety of programmes.

Swimming will be continued during this term as part of our PE session, as well as gymnastics which will develop balancing skills, both individually and within a group. Towards the end of the unit there will be an opportunity to share their routines with their peers, improving their body management skills.

‘Healthy Me’ is our PSHE focus this term, discussing how to stay healthy inside and out! We will be thinking about alcohol and smoking as well as friendships and a healthy mind.

RE this term has a focus on ‘The Church at Easter’. We will be discussing the significance of The Last Supper, Lent and Palm Sunday, producing a diverse range of work through extended writing opportunities.

Year 4 Autumn Term 2

In English we will be focussing on a music video called ‘Titanium’ which is an exciting unit, especially with the emphasis on improving descriptive writing. We will then move onto a story called ‘Ice Palace’ allowing us to explore many aspects of the author’s writing, to then enable us to develop our own writing.

Building upon what we have already covered in the first half term, we will be developing our decimal knowledge and applying this to our place value understanding. Following on from our converting measure lessons, we will be exploring how to convert grams and millilitres. Rounding will be another topic that we will cover, again applying this to our place value understanding as well as mastering grid method when multiplying numbers.

Sound is our next Science topic involving practical experiences as well as theory to ensure an in depth understanding as well as other aspects also being covered during our Curriculum topic.

Music is our focus this term for curriculum – ‘Playlist’. We will be exploring the history of music, all types of music, different instruments, famous song writers and musicians as well as creating our own instruments or sound deafening headphones.

 ‘We are Toy Designers’ will be building upon our understanding of programming involving the programme ‘Scratch’. We will be using this to create a ‘toy’.

Basketball will be our next sport during games, focusing on passing and shooting skills initially. This will then lead to playing smaller games within classes to build upon these skills.

Our second PSHE topic is ‘Celebrating Difference’. This will include aspects such as problem solving, judging appearances and celebrating how we look.

Year 4 Information