Year 3 Summer Term 2

This half term Year 3 will be finishing reading the story of ‘The Stone Mouse’ and then moving onto a story based on an African folk tale, ‘Fly, Eagle, Fly!’ by Christopher Gregorowski. We will be working on telling stories, thinking about characters and settings but also about ourselves. The story is linked to self-belief and reaching for the sky so we will be encouraging the children to rise to the challenge and believe in themselves!  This is a good story for thinking about the future and moving onto Year 4.

We will continue to encourage lots of reading so that the children achieve their AR targets again to finish the year.

In Maths, the children will be consolidating all of their learning about addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as well as continuing with fractions. The children will then move onto different types of measures including time, mass and capacity. This provides a good opportunity to do some cooking at home and noticing that maths is everywhere!

Our topic this half term is ‘One planet, our world’. This unit will help the children build lots of geographical skills helping them to locate countries and cities as well as learn about the different climate zones. We will also be using compass points and grid references. We will use our extensive out door area to help with some field work skills too.

In Science, we will be looking at keeping ourselves healthy through ‘feeding and movement’. The children will continue to make observations and find evidence in different investigations.  

The children will be building on their previous learning and continue to look at numbers up to 31 as well as the alphabet in French. We will also sing some songs in French.

In music, we will be looking at traditional music from India. The children will listen to a variety of music and identify different musical instruments. They will also be improvising some of their own music and performing to the class.

We will continue reinforcing our ‘5 Hands of Millbrook’ vision. We will be thinking about how our learning is helping us prepare for the future.

Jigsaw will look at ‘Changing Me’. This involves body changes as well as transition, preparing the children to move forward into Year 4. There is a separate letter regarding this.

Year 3 Summer Term 1

We will be starting the topic ‘Flow’ this half term. This looks at and compares rivers around the world. This will involve geographical skills, using maps and identifying differences and similarities between the countries, weather, plants and animals found there. The children will be working on a DT project involving bridges too.

In English, we will start with the Book ‘The Great Kapok Tree’. This is a colourful book all about the Amazon rainforest and its destruction. It tells the story of a man who comes to chop down a tree in the rainforest. In the patterned poetic story, we meet the animals that live in the tree and hear their reasons to save it.

Later in the half term we will move onto the emotional story of ‘The Stone Mouse’ by Jenny Nimmo. This looks at a family holiday by the coast with a stone mouse at the heart of the story.

We will keep working on the four operations as part of our fluency maths lessons but also introduce fractions and time. As part of fractions, we will be thinking about fractions of number and of a group of objects. We will move onto equivalent fractions all alongside solving problems. As always, timetables are important and the children should be encouraged to get to know their tables and corresponding division facts.  

In Science, we will be looking at ‘Light and Shadows’, this will help to further develop skills to carry out investigations. We will be looking at light sources and the absence of light. We will investigate shadows, observing and recording findings as well as drawing conclusions.  

In French we have been starting to learn conversation skills as well as numbers. We will continue to build on this with numbers to 31 as well as the alphabet.

The Music unit will be about Rivers too which fits in well with our topic. The children will be thinking about musical language such as tempo, dynamics and pitch. The children will find ways to represent the journey of a river in musical form.

Our Jigsaw theme for the half term is ‘Relationships’. In this unit we will be looking at different relationships within families and how to negotiate and solve problems. The children will look at relationships online and ways in which they can stay safe. As they move through the unit, they will think about different places around the world and their role as a global citizen. They will think about how their lives and relationships are very different to those of other children around the world.  

Year 3 Curriculum Information