Year 3 Autumn Term 2

In English we will look at the book ‘Pebble in my Pocket’ by Meredith Hooper. This book follows a pebbles journey through time, from its beginning in a fiery volcano to its place in the busy modern world. It is informative and provides the children with lots of facts also some brilliant vocabulary.

We will then be moving onto something totally different! ‘Hot Like Fire’ is a collection of poems by the performance poet Valerie Bloom. Her poems are fun and vibrant full of Jamaican patois and images that the children will enjoy.

In Maths, we will be continuing to use ‘Power Maths’. We will be focusing on addition and subtraction as well as multiplication and division. As we move through the units we will be using different strategies including column methods, number lines and recall of number facts. We will look at using and applying these skills in different contexts too. The children will continue to use part whole models and bar models to help with this.

Our topic this half term is Rocks, Relics and Rumbles which will involve looking at different rock formations, volcanoes and earthquakes. This links well with the stories in English as well as our Science which is Rocks and Soils. We will investigate and describe different types of rocks and soils and how they are made. We will find out how different rocks can be used for different jobs. Rocks can hold secrets too so we will be finding out about fossils, how they are made and the types of rocks they may be found in.

In Design and Technology, we will be looking at toys that move using mechanisms. This project teaches children about cam mechanisms. We will experiment with different shaped cams before designing, making their own and then evaluating their work.

We will continue working on French and using Kapow. They will be working on adjectives including colour, shape and size.

In RE, we will continue to think about Christianity. The children will be thinking about how Christians celebrate Christmas and why. They will also talk about celebrations and traditions they have with their families. It is always beneficial for the children to hear from each other and how each other’s homes and beliefs are different.

In PE this term, the children will be learning about gymnastics. They will develop their individual skills when learning about jumps, rolls and balances. They will then create routines and understand the importance of body management when using equipment. 

In their second PE lesson, the children will be developing their knowledge and understanding when take part in orienteering. They will be need to use their co-operation, communication skills and be determined, whilst completing a variety of activities. 

In Jigsaw (PSHE) the unit is Celebrating Difference. This Jigsaw unit will encourage the children to recognise that everyone is different and experiences feelings. We all often need to find ways to deal with them in order to resolve problems.