Year 3 Autumn Term 1

At the start of Year 3 we will take part in a whole school project called ‘Growing Together’ looking at the book ‘The Promise’ by Nicola Davis. In the first week or so we will look in detail at this book aiming to help the children settle back into school.

The activities around the book are creative and aim to help engage the children and encourage them to build relationships with each other

Our aim is to settle the children into their new school as quickly as we can. We will show them the new routines and expectations so that they feel confident as they start their Year 3 journey. There will be creative, physical and team building tasks as well as activities to build on written and maths skills.

We will then be looking at the picture book ‘Ssh! We have a plan’ by Chris Haughton. We will look at the characters, plot and making predictions as well as planning and writing our own stories. The children will be taking part in drama activities as well as art linked with the story.

Grammar, writing and reading will have an increased focus. Whilst we will teach these things, we will also focus on them whilst teaching and learning across the curriculum.

In our Topic work we will look at different periods in history through the topic ‘Through the Ages’, creating timelines and finding out more about the Stone age, Bronze Age and Iron Age and how people lived and survived.

In Science, we will be learning about ‘Forces and Magnets’. This will involve some investigations and recording of data as well as asking and answering questions about what they have found.

In Maths, we will be using ‘Power Maths’ which is a mastery approach to teaching maths. We will be starting by exploring number and place value before moving onto the four operations. We will be supporting them from where they are and building on their prior learning so they are able to access the maths curriculum.

Our first PSHE unit is ‘Being Me in My World’, this will help the children to build confidence in their new class and support them being back in school as well as celebrating each other. It will also help the children to create the feeling of being a team and how we all bring something important to that team. We will also be introducing our learning behaviours including flexibility, determination, curiosity and being brave with their learning. The children will be encouraged to see mistakes as being OK and part of life for everyone. They can be very beneficial to their learning so long as they learn from and build on them.

Year 3 Curriculum Information