Year 6 Spring Term 2

In English this term, we will continue our learning based on the novel ‘Street Child,’ by Berlie Doherty. This historical adventure story is set during the reign of Queen Victoria and it links with our history topic for this half term.  The main character, Jim finds himself with no family and thrown into the workhouse.  Jim manages to escape but his problems are just beginning.

Our writing outcomes will include recounts from Jim’s point of view as well as letters, poetry, balanced arguments and articles about conditions for children during the Victorian era.

In Maths this term, the pupils will develop their knowledge of area, perimeter and volume including finding the area of a triangle. The pupils will go on to learn how to interpret statistics on line graphs, pie charts and bar charts.  They will be introduced to the mean and how to calculate this number.  Finally, they will improve their understanding of geometry – specifically the angles in a triangle, quadrilaterals and polygons.

In Science, children will be learning about electrical circuits. They will recognise and use accepted scientific symbols in circuit diagrams. They will learn that altering the brightness of bulbs and the volume of a buzzer can be achieved in different ways, including changing the number of components, battery voltage, or the properties of the wires in the circuit.

Working Scientifically, children will have the opportunity to choose to investigate altering the brightness of bulbs and the volume of a buzzer in different ways, possibly including changing the number and/or type of components, battery voltage, or the properties of the wires in the circuits. They will predict outcomes relating to the arrangement in electrical circuits and record their results. 

In History, the pupils will be discovering a time when great minds thought new thoughts and ingenious inventors created so many things that we take for granted today: the electric light bulb, the telephone and the first flushing toilet. They will be investigating the impact of the industrial revolution on Britain and what evidence there is of the Victorian age in Kettering today.

In Design Technology, the children will be starting their new food technology topic - Food for Life. This project teaches children about processed food and healthy food choices. They will be evaluating the differences between fresh and pre-packaged food. Our pupils will then make bread and vegan burgers and learn about the benefits of whole foods. They will then plan and make meals as part of a healthy daily menu, and evaluate their completed products.

In Music this term, we will be studying a unit of work called ‘Baroque’. We will look at the key features of Baroque music, including recitative, canon, ground bass and fugue. The children will play parts of a canon using staff notation and compose a ground bass melodic ostinato. Finally, we will name some well-known Baroque composers and describe what musical features they were known for.

In PSHE, pupils will study the unit 'Dreams and Goals'. Lessons include identifying goals for both home and school and how to put steps in place to achieve these.  Pupils will also think about global issues, and they will discuss the impact that they can have on these. Finally, they will discuss giving praise to other people for their achievements.

In Computing, the children will be learning about a programme called ‘Python’. They will be using this programme to write code, using nested loops in their designs and explain why they need two repeats. They will also recognise that computers can choose random numbers; decompose the program into an algorithm and modify a program to personalise it.

In RE, Year 6 will continue to learn about Humanism. Last term, we learnt about Humanist values, and we will now apply this knowledge to design a building that represents what Humanists believe. We will finish the unit by drawing all the information we have gathered and by writing and extended piece of work on what we know about Humanism.

In PE lessons this term, the children will be learning about the sport of Basketball. They will develop their passing, their dribbling, improve their shooting and learn about movement in the game as they take part in a variety of activities. The children will also learn how to implement basic attacking and defending tactics.

In their second PE lesson, our Year 6 pupils will be learning to play Lacrosse. The children will be challenged to work as part of a team across a variety of activities. They will develop their stick-handling skills when learning to pass, shoot and intercept.

In French, our pupils will be learning the followingto describe houses in French; to write a description of a house in French; to use prepositions to describe the position of items in the bedroom and to use prepositions to describe the positions of objects in the bedroom.