Year 4 Summer Term 2


We will be looking at the book ‘One Plastic Bag’ which is the story about one woman’s struggle to tackle plastic pollution in the Gambia. The children will explore, interpret and respond to the illustrations throughout the book as well as producing non-fiction pieces about the environmental impact of waste around the world. We will finish by creating a biography of Isatou, the lady who created bags from plastic waste and built a successful business in the process.


We will start the term by learning about time, including both analogue and digital clocks. We will then move on to explore a variety of charts and tables, looking at different ways of interpreting information. Finally, we will look at shape, investigating properties including angles and lines of symmetry.

Science – Electricity

Electricity is our new Science topic this term. We will be experimenting with circuits, identifying the reasons why they break, recognising symbols as well as discussing the potential dangers of electricity.

Topic – Normans

We started this topic with our exciting trip to Rockingham castle, which gave us a basic understanding of the struggle the Normans went through to secure England for William of Normandy. We will be building on this knowledge, by looking at the fight for the English throne, and undertaking a detailed study of how castles were constructed and what life was like for the people who lived in them.

Data Handling

This unit involves researching and storing data using spreadsheets; designing a weather station that gathers and records data; learning how weather forecasts are made and using green screen technology to present a weather forecast.


In PE we will be focusing on athletics. This will involve developing a range of skills, including running and throwing techniques, including javelin.

PSHE – Jigsaw – Changing Me

‘Changing me’ will look at a range of ways we change and develop as we grow-up, including looking at how to cope with unexpected changes that may happen.

R.E. – Buddhism

This term, we will continue to find out about one of the world’s main religions, Buddhism. This term, we will be looking in more detail at the founder of the religion, and examining some of the key beliefs that Buddhists share.

Year 4 Summer Term 1


This term we will be focussing on the book ‘Charlotte’s Web’ which will include engaging in drama activities, discussions, predictions, writing in the style of the author and eventually writing longer pieces based on the story. We will also get to grips with the characters by using our inference skills and we will incorporate some of our newly learnt grammar, such as different tenses, noun phrases and higher-level punctuation into our writing.


We will start this term by looking at area of shapes, by counting squares and using formula. We will then move onto fractions, starting with tenths and hundredths and then exploring equivalent fractions. We will finish off my learning how to add and subtract fractions.

Science – Human Nutrition

‘Human Nutrition’ is our new Science topic. This will focus on the understanding of personal health and how this is related to human nutrition. We will explore the digestive system and concentrate on being able to name different types of human teeth as well as some from other animals.

 Topic – Traders and Raiders

 This term, we will investigate the Anglo-Saxon way of life and then move on to finding out about the Viking invaders. We will find out about Anglo-Saxon homes and customs, as well as Viking gods and burial ceremonies.


 In this, our second programming unit we will understand that problems can be solved more easily using computational thinking. We will create a Scratch program which draws a square and at least one other shape.


 PE will be focusing on handball. This will include ball-handling skills as well as discussing tactics and practising running techniques.

PSHE – Jigsaw – Relationships

Relationships is our PSHE topic this term.  We will look at how to make friends, solving problems between friends, how to help ourselves and others when we feel upset or hurt. We will finish by understanding and showing what makes a good friendship.

R.E. – Buddhism

Our final R.E. topic of the year will be finding out about one of the world’s main religions, Buddhism. This term, we will be looking at the founder of the religion, and examining some of the key beliefs that Buddhists share.

Year 4 Curriculum Information