Year 4 Spring Term 2


This term we will be looking at the story ‘Ice Palace’, which is a quest novel set in another time and place. Ivan, the main character, goes in search of his brother taken by the mysterious ‘Starjik’.

As we read the story, we will discuss its meaning and explore the plot, settings and characters and draw inferences to aid understanding.  By collecting vocabulary and understanding the writer’s use of language, we will write our own letters from the character’s perspective as well as describing the setting and characters.


This term, we continue our work with fractions.  We will add and subtract mixed numbers and fractions, find fractions of an amount and use our skills to solve fraction problems. Our next unit is decimals, where we will learn to recognise and write decimal equivalents of any number of tenths or hundredths. We will develop effective methods to divide a one- or two-digit number by 10 and 100.

Science – Sound

In this unit, we will identify and describe different sounds and learn that sounds are produced by vibrations. We will explore how vibrations travel from the source of the sound through a variety of materials to the ear. Using a variety of materials, we will investigate the range of ways of producing sounds and how the pitch and volume of a sound can be altered.

Geography  –  Misty Mountains

Our Geography topic ‘Misty Mountains’ will continue through this term. We will be conducting a Geographical Enquiry involving naming, locating and explaining the importance of significant mountains.


This term, we will be looking at computational thinking.  The children will look at understanding how problems can be solved more easily using computational thinking.


This term, the children will be learning about the sport of basketball in their PE lessons. They will develop their passing and dribbling skills, improve their shooting and will learn about movement in the game as they take part in a variety of activities. The children will also learn how to implement basic attacking and defending tactics.

In their second PE lesson, the children will be learning about hockey. They will be challenged to work as part of a team across a variety of activities. The children will develop their stick-handling skills when learning to dribble, pass, shoot and tackle.

PSHE – Jigsaw – Dreams and Goals

‘Dreams and Goals’ is our PSHE focus this term. We will be discussing how to overcome disappointment, how to achieve goals, create new dreams and will be provided with the opportunity to share these with others. 

R.E. – The Church at Easter

Our R.E. this term will continue to focus on ‘The Church at Easter’. We will be looking at the weeks leading up to Easter and deepening our understanding of how and why Christians celebrate this festival.


This term, our French lessons will focus on the weather and the water cycle. We will learn phrases to describe the weather and vocabulary for the compass points. We will recap counting from 1-100 in multiples of ten and combine this knowledge to make statements about what the temperature is in different parts of France to deliver a weather forecast. The unit culminates in a French science lesson where the children explore the water cycle and recognise scientific cognates.

Design and Technology 

This term, we are looking at ‘Functional and Fancy Fabrics’, where we will begin by exploring a range of fabrics and their properties. This will lead to experimenting with a variety of techniques such as printing and sewing in order to create our own fabric design.