Design Technology

Design Technology is a dynamic subject that offers children a broad range of skills and experiences. We aim to offer a variety of creative and practical activities that will help to build the knowledge and understanding of designing, making and evaluating.

At Millbrook Junior School, Design Technology is taught as part of the Cornerstones Curriculum, which provides children with a real-life context for learning. Pupils investigate and evaluate what already exists, and they design and make their own products before evaluating their creations. Pupils develop their understanding of cooking and nutrition through preparing a range of dishes. This is supported by developing their technical and subject knowledge. Children are taught appropriate vocabulary about their projects and the processes.

As children progress through school, we aim to develop the next generation of designers, engineers and technologists. We aim to provide design opportunities, which inspire children to create, experience, and participate in our world’s diverse arts and culture through Design Technology. Children are taught the purpose of Design Technology, understanding the important skills that they are learning and of their purpose in the wider world.

For further information please go to https://cornerstoneseducation.co.uk/curriculum/curriculum-maestro/


Design Technology  

Autumn 1 

Autumn 2 

Spring 1       

Spring 2 

Summer 1 

Summer 2 

Year 3 



Making it Move 


'Frames (Greenhouses)' 


Cook Well, Eat Well 

Year 4 


Fresh Food, Good Food 


Functional and Fancy Fabrics 


Castles/Tomb Builders 

Year 5 



                     Moving Mechanisms 


Eat the Seasons 


Year 6  





Food for Life 


Make Do and Mend 

Subject Leader: Andrew Wood

Design Technology Progression Grid