What are our priorities for 2022/2023?


Governor Improvement Plan (GIP) 2022/23

The GIP is based upon the evaluation of governor strengths and weaknesses undertaken at the annual review meeting in July 2022. Progress against GIP priorities in 2021/22 was again but to a lesser extent than previous years hampered by the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, some of the priorities from 2021/22 will inform the priorities for 2022/23 eg engagement with parents

The Governor Impact Visits (GIVs) will continue to focus on monitoring and evaluating the school’s priorities as identified in the School Development Plan (SDP) while continuing the governor focus from 2019/20 on the school’s curriculum – focusing upon breadth, balance, continuity and progression and in response to the Ofsted framework focus on ‘Intent’, ‘Implementation’ and ‘Impact’.

Monitoring and evaluation will also continue through the deployment of ‘lead governors’. There have been some changes in lead governors for 2022/23 so ensuring effective transition will be important (see list of Lead Governors below).

The Governing Board (GB) and Pay and Performance Committee terms of reference (ToR) have been revised and agreed for 2022/23. These committees are crucial in receiving reports from the lead governors and GIVs and thereby enabling the governors to have an overview of the school’s progress across the school year.

Finally, the DfE White Paper (2022) sets out the government’s intention to academisation or be in the process of academizing all LA maintained schools by 2030. Therefore, the GB have agreed to establish a working party to address this issue and to both develop a criteria to be used to assess potential MAT partners and explore local and regional opportunities. Any decision will be undertaken through the GB and in consultation with parents/carers, the staff and children and take account of the local context.

Paul Davies

Chair of Governors

Priority 1: To develop more effective communication between the governors and the parents/carers including the review of the governor section on the school’s website


Success criteria:

  • Develop and implement a range of strategies to raise the profile of the governors with parents and carers and develop better communication between governance and parents/carers (to include newsletters, development of website, introduction of link governors, attendance a school events etc)

Priority 2: To continue to ensure effective succession planning based upon dispersed leadership within the governing board


Success criteria:

  • Ensure all governors develop their experience through lead governor and GIV activities
  • Ensure effective support for this in new lead governor roles
  • Ensure the effective induction of new governors
  • Recruit new governors based upon audit of skills
  • Establish a more strategic approach to governor training and development

Priority 3: Develop GB position on academisation going forward


Success criteria

  • GB to establish Academy Working Party
  • Agree criteria to inform decision making
  • Research and meet with local and regional MATs as potential partners
  • Consult with stakeholders including joint meetings with governors of Millbrook Infant School