History is a fascinating subject that teaches pupils about how the world that we know has been shaped by the events of the past. We aim that the children will gain a greater understanding of the area where they live but also about the wider world. We want our children to become inquisitive, to ask questions and to have a desire to find out more.

Using the Cornerstones Curriculum, children at Millbrook Junior School are introduced to an array of different historical periods, starting with Stone Age Britain and travelling through time right up to the World Wars, with many stops along the way. Pupils use a number of different resources to build both their skills and knowledge as well as enjoying a range of memorable experiences. As they move through the school, the children will return to a common theme within all their History units, ‘Monarchy, Rule and Governance’. This will help them to build links across different periods and be able to make meaningful comparisons.

As they progress through the school, our children will build a deeper understanding of how a diverse range of historical eras have all contributed to the way in which we live today. We will use the Five Hands of Millbrook to help them to understand why it is important that they learn about and from the past.

For further information please visit https://cornerstoneseducation.co.uk/


Autumn 1 

Autumn 2 

Spring 1 

Spring 2 

Summer 1 

Summer 2 

Year 3 

Through the Ages 

How did Britain change from the Stone Age through to the Iron Age? 


Gods and Mortals 

What did the Ancient Greeks do for us? 


Year 4 

I am Warrior 

What impact did the Roman Empire have on Britain? 



Why did the Anglo Saxons and Vikings settle in Britain? 

Year 5 


Why were the achievements of the Ancient Egyptian civilisation significant? 



What was life like in Tudor England? 


Year 6  


Hola Mexico! 

Why was ancient Maya considered one of the most sophisticated ancient civilisations? 



What developments in Victorian England are still evident today? 

Britain at War 

How did the First and Second World Wars affect life in Great Britain? 


Subject Leader: Louise Bugg  

History Progression Grid