Our Curriculum Vision


At the end of their time at Millbrook Junior School, we want our children to know and feel that the world is an exciting, diverse and multi-dimensional place. Every child is recognised as a unique individual. We want our children to have the confidence, skills and knowledge to be able to hold their own in conversations and to have ideas and opinions, which they are able to share with others. We want all of our children to understand how important they are as individuals and to know how they can achieve amazing things as they grow and become adults. We want our children to feel confident to challenge themselves and to be resilient when things do not quite go the way that they expected.

We want our children to become confident academically and to develop personally as individuals, who can lead happy and healthy lives. Our curriculum provides opportunities for children to experience the challenge and enjoyment of learning and to develop a rich and deep subject knowledge as well as understanding the world they live in and how they fit into it.

The key words that we use throughout our school are ‘Dream, Believe, Aspire and Achieve’. We aim for our children to have a positive attitude towards their learning that will continue as they leave Millbrook Junior School and continue on their journey with excitement and confidence. We also use the ‘The Five Hands of Millbrook’ throughout the curriculum.

The Five Hands of Millbrook was developed with the whole school community and represents the vision and values of our school. The Governors asked the School Council to work together to think about what they wanted to be like as learners and citizens when they had completed their time at Millbrook at the end of Year 6. With this in mind, the children regularly think about why they are learning what they are, how this will help them in the future, and how every experience they encounter in school is valuable. They also think about roles that use the skills and knowledge they are learning now so they can begin to plan for their own future with ambition.


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