Modern Foreign Language


At Millbrook Junior School, the Modern Foreign Language that is taught is French. We feel that teaching French gives the children a good foundation to go onto learn more Foreign Languages as they reach Secondary School. We aim that our children will feel confident and take enjoyment from learning another language. Languages give children the opportunity to find out about other cultures.

In order to teach French, we use Kapow, in school and encourage the use of Linguascope at home. Linguascope also offers our children the opportunity to learn other languages should they wish to do so. Children are taught to develop the language learning skills of speaking and listening and reading and writing through a variety of approaches. All year groups have the opportunity to engage with a range of songs, poems and stories that links their new learning to their prior learning, enabling them to make connections with their own language as they are introduced to the grammar.

Children are encouraged to value the learning of a language and to identify themselves as global citizens. Through their language learning experiences, the vision that our children have for themselves is to be confident, independent and enthusiastic, open to new adventures in learning, challenge themselves to persevere, celebrate and respect differences and are prepared for language learning beyond Millbrook Junior School as a citizen of the international world in which we live. Our Five Hands of Millbrook help our children to see their place on this journey and enables them to know what they need to do in order to continue moving their learning forward in the world that we live in.

For further information on the learning platform that we use to support our children at school and at home, please visit https://www.linguascope.com/


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Year 3


French greetings with puppets

French adjectives of colour, size and shape

French playground games- numbers and age

In a French classroom

French transport

A circle of life in French

Year 4


Portraits - describing in French

Clothes- getting dressed in French

French numbers, calendars and birthdays

French weather and the water cycle

French food- miam, miam!

French and the Eurovision Song Contest

Year 5

French monster pets

Space exploration - in French

Shopping in France

French speaking world

Verbs in a week

Meet my French family

Year 6


Work on the verb avoir – animaux, trousse, famille

Secondary school preparation

Secondary school preparation

Secondary school preparation

La maison

Subject Leader: Lorraine Sinclair


Modern Foreign Language Progression Grid