How do we organise ourselves?


The Governing Body meet during the year and minutes are recorded.

Supporting information is offered at the side of the page.

Membership of Governing Board

Chair: Paul Davies

Vice Chair: Adrian North, Jud Purdy

Headteacher: Danielle Warren

Co-Opted Governors: Adrian North, Leigh Cooper, Jud Purdy and Tracey Adam

LA Governor: Vacancy

Staff Governor: Lorraine Sinclair

Parent Governors: Abeera Amin and Justin Skists

Associate Members: Karen Harrison (appointed September 2015), Rachel Gibbs (appointed September 2021) & Jenny Green (appointed September 2022)

Clerk to the Governors: Jos Reid-Anderson

Information about length and terms of office can be found by clicking here.


Pay and Performance

Paul Davies, Adrian North, Jud Purdy