We aim that Music should be appreciated and enjoyed by the children at Millbrook Junior School. We offer children a wide experience of music from performing, listening, composing and the history of music. We believe that Music helps to build children’s confidence and creativity.

At Millbrook Junior School, we use the Kapow Primary Music Scheme as the basis for our music curriculum. The scheme allows the children to experience different types of music, where possible fitting in with other areas of the curriculum. They listen to music from around the world, compose their own music, work collaboratively, perform and evaluate their own and others work. They use vocabulary such as pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture, structure and appropriate musical notations through the lessons. Music has a dedicated lesson each week throughout the year for every class.

We have a successful choir (from Year 5 and 6), who regularly perform taking part in a variety of collaborative performances within school. We also work closely with our Music hub MNPAT. They work in school and provide our children with a variety of peripatetic Music lessons where they can learn an instrument such as flute, recorders, violins, guitars, piano and the drums. More information on these lessons can be found by contacting the school office. We have an extra-curricular Samba club run by NMPAT for Years 4 and 6.

We intend that our children will develop a lifelong enjoyment and appreciation of Music. They will experience the cultural diversity and historical changes of music. We hope that music will provide children with opportunities to feel confident and proud of themselves as well as a drive to succeed. 

For more information visit https://www.kapowprimary.com/


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

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Summer 1

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Year 3




Chinese New Year




Year 4



Haiku – Hanami Festival


Samba and carnival


Year 5

Ancient Egypt

South and West Africa

Looping and remix

Holi festival


Musical theatre

Year 6


Pop Art


Film music


Song of WWII

Leavers Song

Subject Leader: Sonia Watters