Year 2 Transition

This is an area of the website dedicated to the Year 2 children who will be joining us in September as part of Year 3. 

Over the second half of the summer term we start to visit the children at the Infant school who will be coming up to us in September. We aim to become familiar faces to the children. We are also inviting the children to spend a whole day with us so that they can get to know their new classrooms, the school and the adults who will be with them in September. Information about this day will be sent to parents.  Some children are coming from other schools. We are happy to arrange something in addition if parents feel this would be helpful.

This time is vital and helps children to know what to expect when they arrive with us in September. We can talk to them about the school and what it is like to be in Year 3. Children sometimes worry about small things like ‘where do I put my water bottle?’ or bigger things like ‘will the work be really hard in year 3?’. However, some children don’t worry about anything and are just excited about the change. 

We are also holding a transition evening for parents to attend so that they can see where the children will be taught in September. Details will be sent to parents about this.  

Most importantly, please be positive with your children. We have found transition to be very successful over the last few years. We are very supportive and understanding and try our very best to ensure the children are happy and enthusiastic about school. There may be some things the children are worried about that we simply cannot solve until September as they need to experience it. To feel like this is OK, it is normal to worry sometimes about change and the unknown. So even if you are nervous for your child, please reassure them that it will be Ok and they will enjoy being part of Millbrook Juniors, we are here to help them and support them.   

The children will be given a letter from their class teacher and a postcard for them to complete over the summer holidays and bring in with them in September. 

If we haven’t managed to answer any questions please send an email to transition@millbrookjuniors.co.uk