Year 3 Spring Term 2

To start the second half of the spring term we will be looking at ‘Hot Like Fire’, this is a poetry book that involves using different dialects as well as fun rhythms and poems to perform. We will be moving onto looking a Knights, both fiction and non-fiction which will link in with our topic.

Our topic will be ‘Heroes and Villains’, we will look at a variety of characters from books and film, using music as a stimulus discussing how it can be used to portray different characters or feelings. Through history we will be developing the children’s understanding of historical figure’s achievements and actions thinking about the impact they had on history. This will all lead to some interesting art and design technology projects too.

We will start the topic with a ‘Wow’ day where the children are invited to dress as their favourite hero or villain. We will visit Warwick Castle part way through the term too which will then lead onto finding out more about Knights and Castles.

Our Jigsaw theme for the half term is ‘Dreams and Goals’ and the learning behaviour for the half term will continue to be Perseverance and Resilience.

In science we will be looking at ‘what plants need’, this will enable the children to develop skills to carry out investigations.

In maths we will continue to work on the four operations (addition, subtraction, division and multiplication) and the use of mental methods. We will be recapping on place value and time. When looking at time we will be using both digital and analogue clocks telling the time to five minute intervals. We will also be looking at Roman Numerals. 

Year 3 Spring Term 1

In the first half of the spring term we will be starting the topic ‘Flow’.

This looks at and compares rivers around the world. This will involve geographical skills, using maps and identifying differences and similarities between the countries, weather, plants and animals found there. We are aiming to read some lovely books with stories and poems set around the world to continue the geography link. We will also have discussions about deforestation of rain forests and the effect this has on the environment.

In Science we will be starting to look at plants. We will be learning about the different parts and what their purposes are to ensure a healthy plant. This will be a good opportunity to start planting things ready to watch them grow over the next few weeks and through the rest of the school year.

In maths we will be looking at different strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division still using place value and number facts to help. This means that the children continue to work on recalling number facts quickly (bonds to 10 and how to apply them as well as doubles, halves and timetables). We will also look again at fractions and angles.

Our new for the half term is Jigsaw PSHE unit is ‘Healthy Me’, we will be incorporating some work on Mental Health awareness too. Some details about this will come home nearer the time too. 

Year 3 Information