Year 3 Summer Term 1

Our topic over the half term will be ‘Heroes and Villains’, we will look at a variety of characters from books and film, using music as a stimulus discussing how it can be used to portray different characters or feelings. We will look at ‘The Sword and the Stone’ as well as William Shakespeare and his play ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’. The children will look at Shakespeare himself, the story and characters as well as the language he used.  

In Science, we will be looking at ‘Light and Shadows’, this will help to further develop skills to carry out investigations. We will be looking at light sources and the absence of light. We will investigate shadows, observing and recording findings as well as drawing conclusions.  

In Maths, we will continue to work on our Power Maths. We will keep working on the four operations but also introducing fractions and time. As always, timetables are important and the children should be encouraged to get to know their tables and corresponding division facts.  

Our Jigsaw theme for the half term is ‘Relationships’. In this unit we will be looking at different relationships within families and how to negotiate and solve problems. The children will look at relationships online and ways in which they can stay safe. As they move through the unit, they will think about different places and their role as a global citizen but also how their lives and relationships are very different to those of other children.  

Year 3 Spring Term 2

In Year 3 we will finish the spring term by looking at the story based on an African folk tale ‘Fly, Eagle, Fly!’ by Christopher Gregorowski. We will be working on telling stories, thinking about characters and settings but also about ourselves. The story is linked to self-belief and reaching for the sky so we will be encouraging the children to rise to the challenge and believe in themselves!

We will then move onto the picture book ‘Belonging’ which is set in a city, it looks at the changes that happen to the community and environment over time. This links well with our new topic of ‘Urban Pioneers’.

Our Topic work will have an art focus over the half term. We will find out about towns and cities creating advertising and tourist information for their places of interest. We will go onto explore contemporary ‘urban’ art looking and Graffiti which will lead to some interesting debates around ‘what is art?’. We will be welcoming a visitor who will work with the children to create some graffiti artwork which the children will be able to bring home.

In Maths we will continue to complete rock star maths working on times tables as well as addition and subtraction calculations using column methods. We will be looking at statistics, measures and fractions too.

We will be continuing to find out more about plants in our ‘Parts of a Plant’ topic in Science. The children have enjoyed setting up their own investigations so far so we will again be developing these skills ensuring that they create a ‘fair test’.

In PSHE our theme for the next half term will be ‘Dreams and Goals’, the children will be encouraged to think about what their hopes and ambitions are for the future. We will be helping the children understand that achieving those goals may take hard work and the overcoming of different obstacles.