Year 3 Summer Term 3

In year 3 our topic will be Scrumdiddlyumptious. This unit looks at different foods so there will be some food tasting as well as cooking. The children will get the opportunity to design some packaging for their food too.

 In English we will look at the story of Charlie and the Chocolate factory which will link well to the food topic. In addition we will ready the story of ‘The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane’ by Kate DiCamillo. This is an adventure story set in North America that will encourage the children to develop their descriptive writing of settings and then planning their own story. In the story Edward, a china rabbit, experiences wildly different settings, identities and owners, thereby gradually learning the value of love and friendship. Edward’s often harrowing experiences help shape him from a vain, pompous creature into a thoughtful, considerate friend.

Science we link back to our topic as we look at keeping ourselves healthy through ‘feeding and movement’. The children will continue to make observations and find evidence in different investigations.  

 In maths we will consolidate the use of the column method for addition and the grid method for multiplication. We will be continuing to build mental maths skills too. We are particularly working on timetables so they have quick recall of multiplication and division facts for 2, 5, 10, 3, 4, 6 and 8 times tables. We will also be looking again at measuring (including telling the time to five minute intervals and digital) and problem solving.

 Our learning behaviour will be ‘Taking Responsible Risks’ which will encourage the children to take risks in their learning and accept that it is OK to make mistakes, they enable them to learn more. Jigsaw will look at transition, preparing the children to move forward into year 4. We will also look at Sun Safety, encouraging the children to drink lots of water, wear sunscreen and appropriate clothing as well as using the importance of using the shade rather than being in the full sun.

Year 3 Summer Term 1

In year 3 we will start the spring term by looking at the story based on an African folk tale ‘Fly, Eagle, Fly!’ by Christopher Gregorowski. We will be working on telling stories, thinking about characters and settings but also about ourselves. The story is linked to self-belief and reaching for the sky so we will be encouraging the children to rise to the challenge and believe in themselves!

We will then move onto the picture book ‘Belonging’ which is set in a city, it looks at the changes that happen to the community and environment over time. This links well with our new topic of ‘Urban Pioneers’.

Curriculum work which will have an art focus. Over the half term we will find out about towns and cities creating advertising and tourist information for their places of interest. We will go onto explore contemporary ‘urban’ art looking and Graffiti which will lead to some interesting debates around ‘what is art?’.

In maths we will continue to work on rock star maths working on timestables. We will be continuing to work on different calculation strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The children will also be collecting and representing data in different ways as well as answering questions and solving problems.

‘Light and Shadow’ will be the topic in science. The children have enjoyed setting up their own investigations so far so we will again be developing these skills ensuring that they create a ‘fair test’.

Our Jigsaw theme for the next half term will be ‘Relationships’, the children will be encouraged to think about how to work with different people, forming positive relationships but also how to problem solve when friendships go wrong.

Year 3 Information