Year 4 Summer Term 1

Our English lessons this term will be based the story Oliver and the Seawigs by Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre. Throughout the unit we will use the book as a provocation to write in role as different characters and make predictions about what we think will happen using clues from the text. We will also learn how to create a balanced argument based on a decision crucial to the story line. Using lists and personification we will compose our own poems to make the island come alive.

Maths lessons will:

  • consolidate place value in 4- and 5-digit numbers, extending to decimals; including multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100.
  • continue to place numbers (including negative) on lines, and adding and subtracting powers of 10.
  • improving knowledge of times tables, using this to develop understanding of harder written multiplication algorithms; and on division as the inverse of multiplication.
  • learn how to recognise the difference between perimeters and areas of shapes and how to calculate them.
  • recognise the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.
  • further work on relating decimal fractions to proper fractions and recognising equivalents.

Grouping Living Things is our new Science focus this term where we will recognise that living things can be grouped in a variety of ways. We will explore and use classification keys to help group, identify and name a variety of living things in their local and wider environment.

Our curriculum unit – Blue Abyss – will take us on a journey deep underwater to an incredible world of coral and mysterious sea creatures. We will learn about the different layers in the ocean and the myriad of creatures that inhabit them. Over the term we will produce several pieces of art ready to display in our art exhibition including: still life sketches; a painting in the style of J.Vincent Scarpace and a seascape on canvas.

The computing unit will become HTML editors. By writing and editing the Hypertext Mark Up Language we will use this knowledge to make a ‘mock up’ of a web page (it will not be published online!).

PE will have a focus on inclusive sports with a different area of focus each week. Sports will include: kurling, fencing, archery and new age bowls. We will also complete some athletic events in readiness for sports day. This term we will focus on sprinting technique, hurdling and various throwing and jumping events.

Relationships is our PSHE focus this term. We will look at how to make friends; solving problems between friends; how to help ourselves and others when we feel upset or hurt and understand and show what makes a good friendship.

During RE this term we will be learning about Buddhism by answering key questions about the faith:

  • What do Buddhists believe?
  • Where do Buddhists worship?
  • How do Buddhists worship?
  • What festivals do Buddhists celebrate?
  • What symbols do Buddhists use and what do they mean?

Year 4 Spring Term 2

Our English lessons this term will be based around ‘Charlotte’s Web’, including drama activities, discussions, predictions, writing in the style of the author and eventually writing a new chapter to extend the story! We will also get grips with the characters using our inference skills and we will incorporate some of our newly learnt grammar: such as the different tenses, noun phrases and the necessary punctuation.

Maths lessons will recap the methods that we have already been working on, including column subtraction, counting up (frog) and multiplication methods. These will be built upon further, starting to introduce 5 digit numbers as well as comparing these 5 digit numbers. Mental calculations will also be strengthened, along with times table facts to ensure these are a secure area of knowledge. Developing the understanding of decimal numbers will be discussed when investigating 1000 more or less, involving place value.

Electricity is our new Science focus this term where we will be experimenting with circuits, identifying the reasons why circuits break, recognising symbols as well as discussing the dangers of electricity.

Curriculum is a continuation of our ‘I am Warrior!’ topic, deepening our research and building upon what we have already learnt. We will be ending the topic by looking at the end of the Roman Empire and comparing how times have changed, in relation to now.

The computing unit will be using a variety of programs to edit music, which they will have created and developed.   We will be refining our ideas through reflection and discussion whilst developing collaboration skills.   We will also be developing an awareness of how our composition can enhance work in other media

PE will have a focus on our fitness (for Drake and Armstrong classes). We will be completing circuits and looking at our heart rate, identifying how different rates of exercise change this. In addition to this, we will be researching how long it takes to burn off certain types of food. Raleigh and Columbus will continue with their swimming lessons. All classes will focus on gymnastics looking at different balances,

building routines on the floor and using equipment.

‘Dreams and Goals’ is our PSHE focus this term, discussing how to overcome disappointment, achieving goals, creating new dreams and providing the opportunity to share these hopes and dreams!

RE this term will continue to focus on ‘The Church at Easter’. We will be clarifying and deepening our understanding of how and why Christians celebrate Easter. We will compare the similarities and differences of how worshippers in two churches in our town celebrate Easter during our visits to Christ the King and St Botolph’s.