Year 4 Spring Term 1

Our first unit back will be Titanium, a music video with emphasis on improving descriptive writing. Then the rest of the first half of the spring term we will be focusing on a Roman unit in English, which links to our curriculum topic. This will involve identifying features of non-chronological reports and producing our own, as well as exploring and writing biographies.

During Maths lessons, we will continue to revisit place value knowledge and applying this to written subtraction methods, division and mental multiplication. Once again, we will develop the understanding of fractions, including finding fractions of amounts, equivalent fractions and understanding how to simplify them. Shape is also another area of Maths that we will explore, focussing on angles, perpendicular and parallel lines, symmetry and identifying properties of 2D shapes.

‘Human Nutrition’ is our new Science topic. This will develop the understanding of personal health and how this is related to human nutrition and digestion. We will explore the human digestive system and focus on being able to name different types of human teeth as well as some from other animals.

‘I am Warrior!’ is our Spring curriculum topic, which will include a Roman Day, providing first-hand experience of what this period was like, looking at their clothing and weapons as well as games they used to play! We will be carrying out lots of further research to find out about the Roman times, which will involve creating our own artefacts.

In Computing this half term will see the children using Scratch to create and program a virtual toy for a toddler.

Swimming will start for Columbus and Raleigh class as their PE session. All year four classes will experience handball and skills needed to play the game.

‘Healthy Me’ is our PSHE focus this term, discussing how to stay healthy inside and out! We will be thinking about alcohol and smoking as well as friendships and a healthy mind. 

RE this term has a focus on ‘The Church at Easter’. We will be discussing the significance of The Last Supper, Lent and Palm Sunday, producing a diverse range of work through extended writing opportunities.

Year 4 Autumn Term 2

Curriculum – Playlist

Ssh… what’s that noise? A bash? A crash? A shake, a rattle or a low, bass hum? Through this unit we will listen to and focus on the sounds that performers make with their instruments and voices. After listening to a variety of music, we will be creative by making marks and shapes to represent the different sounds heard, taking inspiration from jazz-influenced artists such as Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky.

By researching the different eras of music we will produce leaflets including names and some information about some famous composers and their music. As we approach Christmas we will compose our own Christmas celebration song. To finish the unit, we will use our design technology skills to create our own musical instruments that we can play to accompany our newly composed song.

Each class will also have a weekly lesson with Mrs Watters where they will begin to learn to play the recorder. We hoping to learn at least three notes so we can play some simple melodies.

Science – Sound

In this unit our quest question is: ‘How can we make different sounds?’ We will identify and describe different sounds and learn that sounds are produced by vibrations. We will explore how vibrations travel from the source of the sound through a variety of materials to the ear. Using musical instruments and household materials we will investigate the range of ways of producing sounds and how the pitch and volume of a sound can be altered.

PSHE – Jigsaw – Celebrating Differences

Over the term we will explore these aspects of celebrating differences

  • Accept that everyone is different
  • Include others when working and playing
  • Know how to help if someone is being bullied
  • Trying to solve problems
  • Using kind words
  • Know how to give and receive compliments

English Ice Palace – Narrative

This short story is a quest novel set in another time and place. Ivan, the main character, goes in search of his brother taken by the mysterious ‘Starjik’. It has strong themes such as family, love and bravery.

As we read the story we will discuss its meaning and explore the plot, settings and characters, drawing inferences to aid understanding. By collecting vocabulary and understanding the writer’s use of language we will develop interesting language to: write letters from the character’s perspective; describing the setting and describe characters.


This half term we will focus on:

  • Halving and doubling 3-digit numbers; revise unit fractions and identify equivalent fractions; reduce a fraction to its simplest form;
  • Identify place value in decimals and the relationship between tenths and decimals; add two 4-digit numbers; practising both written and mental addition methods;
  • Convert multiples of 100 g into kilograms; convert multiples of 100 ml into litres; read scales to the nearest 100 ml; estimate capacities;
  • Draw bar charts, record and interpret information
  • Round 4-digit numbers to the nearest: 10, 100 and 1000; subtract 3-digit numbers using deciding which to use
  • Use the grid method to multiply 3-digit by single-digit numbers and introduce the vertical algorithm; begin to estimate products; divide numbers (up to 2 digits) by single-digit numbers with no remainder, then with a remainder


Swimming lessons continue for Drake and Armstrong classes. (Columbus and Raleigh will begin their swimming lessons in the New Year)

Raleigh and Columbus will be learning the skills for table tennis such as serving, forward hand, back hand and the scoring system.

All Year 4 will have Multi-skills sessions with our coach. This covers the ABC of sport – A- accuracy and agility; B – balance and ball skills; C – co-ordination and control.