Year 4 Autumn Term 1


During the Autumn term we will explore the text ‘Tales of Wisdom and Wonder.’ This features short tales that will lead to the creation of a mini book, retelling the story in our own words and illustrations, as well taking part in drama and role play activities. Following this, we will become immersed in the poetry collection ‘Nest Full of Stars’. This will involve the children examining the language of each poem to see how it affects the reader. They will then create and perform their own poems based on the structure of the ones they have studied.


To start the term, we will focus place value, rounding numbers to the nearest 10,100 and 1000 as well as finding 1000 more or less than a number. We will then move on to look at Roman Numerals up to 100. We will investigate how they are used in ‘real life’ contexts, for example on clock faces. Problem solving will be a recurring focus, in order to develop these highly important skills.


States of Matter is our first Science topic. This involves identifying different materials, and exploring how they can be changed by freezing or melting. We will look at the process of evaporation and how condensation is formed. We will undertake practical experiments to explore how these processes work and record our findings.


Geography is our focus this term for curriculum. Our topic is ‘Misty Mountains Sierra’. We will discover various mountains and their ranges and complete detailed research to secure our geographical knowledge. We will also learn about famous mountaineers and experience all the equipment needed when trekking up mountains.


‘We are Software Developers’ will be our initial computing topic where we will experience the use of the programme ‘Scratch’. This will involve programming a ‘sprite’ to move and interact as well as adding backgrounds and other details.


We will begin the term by playing both basketball and hockey, focusing on passing and shooting skills initially. We will also concentrate on developing fundamental skills required for all physical activity such as throwing, catching and kicking.


Our first PSHE topic is ‘Being Me in My World’. This will include aspects such as becoming a class ‘team’, discussing responsibilities, rewards and consequences as well as creating ‘our learning charter’


In RE we will be looking at ‘Christianity in Action’, which will involve a closer look at the work of the Salvation Army and how their beliefs influence their actions.