Year 4 Autumn Term 1

During the first half of the Autumn term we will explore the text ‘Tales of Wisdom and Wonder.’ This features short tales that will lead to the creation of a mini book, retelling the story in our own words and illustrations, as well taking part in drama and role play activities. We will also be looking at poetry in the context of Caribbean culture and dialects, venturing into chants and raps and investigating the differences between standard English and Jamaican dialects.

To start the term, we will focus on mentally adding and subtracting digits with a strong focus on number bonds. We will also learn new strategies to mentally multiply and divide. Problem solving will be a reoccurring focus to develop these highly important skills. In addition to this we will be continuing with daily ‘Rockstar’ times-tables.

States of Matter is our first Science topic involving practical experiences as well as theory to ensure an in depth understanding of solids, liquids and gases.

Geography is our focus this term for Curriculum – ‘Misty Mountains Sierra’. We will discover various mountains and their ranges and complete detailed research to secure our geographical knowledge. We will also learn about famous mountaineers and experience all the equipment needed when trekking up mountains.

Our first PSHE topic is ‘Being Me in My World’. This will include aspects, such as becoming a class ‘team’, discussing responsibilities, rewards and consequences as well as experiencing ‘our learning charter’.

In RE we will be looking at ‘Christianity in Action’, which will involve a closer look at the work of the Salvation Army and how their beliefs influences their actions.  

Year 4 Summer Term 2

During the final Summer term we will explore the text ‘Into the Forest’ which will involve writing different types of poetry, writing in the role of a character from the story, writing a recount of aspects of the story and creating a play script of the narrative.

Throughout the term, we will be recapping a majority of the skills that have been learnt during Year Four as well as mastering written and mental multiplication and division methods, fractions and the ability to solve problems confidently.

Dangers to living things is the last topic we will cover, which builds on our previous topic. This will allow the children to develop their understanding of food chains, identify producers, predators and prey. Throughout the topic the children will be building on these skills to be able to create their own food chains towards the end of the topic.

‘Traders and Raiders’ is a curriculum topic which will focus more on Design Technology. We will be researching about the life of the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, understanding how they arrived and what they achieved. Geography will also be another area, involving locating Viking countries. The children will make Anglo-Saxon jewellery and creating Saxon Shore Forts.

‘We are meteorologists’ is the Computing topic which is focussed on the use of Excel allowing children to explore the programme and create spreadsheets using it.

PE will focus on developing athletics skills, in preparation for sports day as well as team games involving rounders.

Our learning behaviour will be ‘Taking Responsible Risks’ which will encourage the children to take risks in their learning and accept that it is OK to make mistakes, they enable them to learn more. Jigsaw will look at transition, preparing the children to move forward into year 5. We will also be looking at ‘Money Wise’, this will look at managing money, saving and the importance of money in our lives.  

Year 4 Information