Year 4 Summer Term 1


We will start this term looking at the picture book ‘Leon and the Place Between’ which is about a magical adventure. We will be using the ideas from the story to write our own poems and descriptive pieces.

‘Charlotte’s Web’ is a much longer book and we will be engaging in drama activities, discussions, predictions, writing in the style of the author and eventually writing a new chapter to extend the story. We will also get to grips with the characters by using our inference skills and we will incorporate some of our newly learnt grammar, such as different tenses, noun phrases and higher-level punctuation into our writing.


This term, we will continue to look at decimal numbers, ordering and comparing them and then move on to problem solving. Next, we will apply our knowledge of decimal numbers to money. Finally, we will learn about time, specifically the 24 hour clock. We will continue to practise our times tables, including completing our Rock Star maths sessions each week.

Science – Human Nutrition

‘Human Nutrition’ is our new Science topic. This will focus on the understanding of personal health and how this is related to human nutrition. We will explore the digestive system and concentrate on being able to name different types of human teeth as well as some from other animals.

Topic – Traders and Raiders

This term, we will be continuing our topic investigating the Saxon way of life and then moving onto finding out about the Viking invaders. We will be examining artefacts from the time, and comparing them to what we use today. We will also be looking at the decorative jewellery that these peoples wore, and producing some of our own.


‘We are co-authors’ is our computing focus, which will involve the children researching the use of Wikipedia and developing their skills to create and edit their own work in this style.


PE will be focusing on athletics. This will include running techniques, as well as throwing events, such as the javelin.

PSHE – Jigsaw – Relationships

Relationships is our PSHE topic this term.  We will look at how to make friends, solving problems between friends, how to help ourselves and others when we feel upset or hurt. We will finish by understanding and showing what makes a good friendship.

R.E. – Buddhism

Our final R.E. topic of the year will be finding out about one of the world’s main religions, Buddhism. This term, we will be looking at the founder of the religion, and examining some of the key beliefs that Buddhists share.

Year 4 Spring Term 2


We will start the term by doing some descriptive writing based on our mountain topic. We will imagine we are climbing and crawling into caves and write about these experiences.

Following this, we will become immersed in the poetry collection ‘Nest Full of Stars’. This will involve the children examining the language of each poem to see how it affects the reader. They will then create and perform their own poems based on the structure of the ones we have studied.


This term, we will continue our work on fractions, learning how to add and subtract them. We will then find fractions of amounts, and apply this learning to problem solving. We will then move onto decimals, looking at tenths and hundredths and practising dividing by 10 and 100.

Science – Dangers to Living Things

This topic builds on the knowledge we have gained from our previous topic, grouping living things. We will develop an understanding of food chains, identify producers, predators and prey. Throughout the topic the children will be building on these skills to be able to understand what an eco-system is and to create their own food chains which include all the organisms that rely on each other for their survival.

Topic – Mountains and Traders and Raiders

We will finish off our mountain topic this term by focussing on the mountains in the Govilon area of South Wales. We will look at the activities that happen in the mountains, as well as the important safety measures that need to be taken.

We will then move on to our ‘Traders and Raiders’ topic. We will research the life of the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, understanding how they arrived in this country and what they achieved. The children will also focus on their design-technology skills by making Anglo-Saxon jewellery and creating Saxon Shore Forts.


This term, children will learn about the history of the web, before studying HTML (hypertext mark-up language), the language in which web pages are written. They learn to edit and write HTML, and then use this knowledge to create a web page.


Children will continue to learn a variety of games this term, which will develop a wide range of basic skills.

PSHE – Jigsaw – Dreams and Goals

‘Dreams and Goals’ is our PSHE focus this term, discussing how to overcome disappointment, achieving goals, creating new dreams and providing the opportunity to share these with others.

R.E. – The Church at Easter

R.E. this term will continue to focus on ‘The Church at Easter’. We will be looking at the weeks leading up to Easter and deepening our understanding of how and why Christians celebrate this festival.