Year 4 - Summer Term 2

Our first topic this half term for English is based on the book ‘Into the forest’. It is a beautifully illustrated book that has themes of fairy tales. Year 4 will use role play and drama to support their writing, culminating in them writing a play script. We will then look at a collection of seven tales from around the world, exploring the art of storytelling and then write their own story based on what they have learnt. We will also be doing a poet study on Michael Rosen, reading lots of his humorous verses!

In Maths we will apply our mental multiplication and division strategies to problem solving and consolidate our knowledge of properties of shape. The children will apply their learning of written addition and subtraction methods to solving problems involving money. Year 4 will continue to learn about decimals, percentages and their equivalence to fractions, as well as translating shapes and using coordinates.

‘Traders and Raiders’ is our final Curriculum topic of the year. We will be learning about the invasions of the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. The children will improve their map skills to locate the invaders original locations and learning about the everyday life of the settlers. We will learn about the Viking gods, many of whom the children may already know the names of through stories and films, and using art and design techniques to learn about Viking runes.

In Science our next topic is Grouping Living Things. Year 4 will learn about why and how scientists use classification keys and practise classifying a wide variety of living things. They will compare the living things in the northern and southern most parts of the British Isles and compared this to their own location.

In Games and PE Year 4 will be improving their Athletic skills which will culminate in our Sport’s Day. The children will also be practising throwing, catching and hitting in Rounders.

In PSHE our Jigsaw theme for the half term is Risk Taking and ensuring that we all use a growth mindset. When faced with challenges, the children will be encouraged to think that even if they can’t do it yet, with a bit of practise they will get there.

Year 4 - Summer 1

During the first Summer half term, Year 4 will be reading ‘Charlotte’s Web’. We will start off by predicting what the story might be about before starting to read it. From reading and analysing the text, we will get to know the characters and why they act the way they do. Year 4 will use drama to further explore the themes of friendship and justice as well as completing shared writing and writing in role. We will also research and make information books about spiders. Year 4 will then be studying ‘Surprising Sharks’, a nonfiction book. This will link in with our curriculum topic too.

In Maths we will continue to practise the four operations and applying them to real life problems. We will also look at decimals, fractions and their equivalent percentages. Year 4 will continue to further their knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes too.

In our next curriculum topic, Blue Abyss, we’ll be grabbing our wetsuits and going deep into an underwater world of incredible coral and mysterious sea creatures. We’ll be finding out what divers get up to below the surface, examining fish for our artwork and learning how to classify sea creatures. Year 4 will also be using their geographical skills to locate the world’s seas and oceans before learning about submarines and how they work! We’ll end the topic with an underwater art gallery, displaying our learning for all to see. We will also be inviting some tiny sea creatures into our classrooms! This topic will provide us will lots of opportunities for extended writing, as well as helping the children to develop their art and design skills.

Dangers to Living Things is our Science topic for this half term and the children will construct and interpret food chains, identifying producer, prey, consumer and predator. Year 4 will consider the impact of larger changes to the environment such as fire and flood. Then they will consider how humans can reduce the impact of some environmental changes.

In PSHE our Jigsaw theme for the half term which is ‘Relationships’ and the learning behaviour focus which is ‘Motivation’.

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