Classes at Millbrook

At Millbrook Junior School, our classes have had a recent name change. Previously, we had names that linked with famous writers, artists, explorers and inventors. The School Council came together and discussed a variety of themes that the children would like.

The aim was that each of the names would teach the children things about the world that they lived in, and so it was decided collaboratively that each class in the school would be given the name of a country.

We start in Year 3 with the names Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh and London, which are the capital cities of countries in the United Kingdom. Year 4 move into Europe with Berlin, Paris, Madrid and Rome. Year 5, have names of capital cities from countries in North and South America with Lima, Caracas, Ottawa and Washington. Finally, Year 6 have names of capital cities from the rest of the world with Beijing, Cairo, Canberra and Tokyo.

The aim is that as the children move through the school, they will gain knowledge of the different places around the world. They will gain an understanding of where the countries are, and they will learn some facts about the countries too.

Above our school, there are often flags from the different countries flying. These flags are linked with the school’s reward system. Each week, there is a reward for range of reasons such as the class with the most successful Accelerated Reader quizzes in a week or for the class with the highest score on TT Rockstar over a week. The flag for the two winning classes then flies for the following week.